Bator Bro Party (London)

Hello Bator Bros,

Our warehouse takeover continues. It's a dream spot in Hackney Wick. We will start at 1pm and end at a sweet 6pm. Big love to the design team, set-up crew, Big Bros, staff, volunteers and for supporting us. Thank you for your feedback over 60 bros completed the survey. We are constantly improving, from newbie experience, lighting, seating and play spaces.

Bator Bro features:

  • 2 floors with themed play areas
  • 5 hours of edging time
  • Large changing area, swift cloak system
  • BYOB - Bring your own booze
  • Newbie Socials from 12:00 - 12.45
  • Telegram chat, exclusive for attendees

Venue details will be sent upon ticket purchase and email confirmation. Big love, Nick Woof @nickwoof (Telegram) Tickets:

Party dates for 2024




Bator Bro promotes Erotic Male Worship (EMW) as a kink. It brings together masturbation brotherhood, edging/bondage, body fetishes and tantric practices together. Our event attracts open minded men of all backgrounds, with the common goal of exploring richer forms of intimacy through hands, touch and body worship. Sensuality and taking your sweet time is a form of luxury in the fast, furious and highly transactional nature between men today. If you identify as an edger, bator, side, exhibitionist, voyeur or kinkster, we are here for you.

We take pride in being a safe space for men to bond deeply. It's a laid-back Sunday afternoon. We welcome curious, bi-guys, queers, twinks, bears and daddies and anyone who loves the art of edging.

  • VIBE: Expect friendly banter and an eclectic crowd. Consent is required, always ask first.
  • DRESS CODE: Gym, shorts, underwear, casual wear. Wear clothes, undressing is sexy.
  • CONDUCT: No s*ckin or f*ckin is allowed, strictly hand work. We encourage: Kissing, nipple play, arm pit worship and eye contact.


Welcum / Two More Years (E3 2PA) 12.00 - 12.45 - Welcum (for Newbies & Guests) Address:

AfterGlow / Howling Hops Brewery and Tank Bar (E9 5EN) 18.00 - 20.00 - After Glow Social Address:



Sunday / 13.00 - 18.00 Last entry 16:30

  • Lil bro (Under 29s): £19.99
  • Early bird : £25.99
  • 1st release: £29.99
  • 2nd Release: £32.99 Concession tickets available (for those with lower income) email and tell us your story

PLAY AREAS: The Bator Bro classics: Worship room (Bull & Edger), Sofa room (Videos) and Cruise rooms will find it's place in the new venue. Currently a work in progress.

DRINKS: Please bring your own booze, there will be no bar service. No red wine and unopened bottles. Drink responsibly.




Is there a cloak room / changing area? Yes, we provide large bags to put you bag packs and clothes in, all included in the ticket price.

What is the crowd like? We attract mostly men between 30-50 years of age. However there are bros in their 20s and 60s+ join us too. Big cocks, small cocks, hairy, smooth, young and old are all welcome.

How many people join, how does it work? The venue has three play areas spread out with intimate sections. Even though we get up to 120 bros at one event, they don't all arrive at once and move around a lot. So if you connect with one bro deeply, you can take it to a more private area.

When is the best time to come? Within the first hour, it get busy very quickly.

I'm nervous, never been to this kind of even before, what should i expect? We run like a kink social, we will introduce you to other guys there. Come fully clothed and undress as you go. There is no expectation or pressure to do anything more than just watch and soak in the vibes. We recommend going to the ‘Sofa’ room and just enjoy being with other bros, it get busy quickly. Eye contact is everything, be present, engaged and go with the flow.

Is there really no sucking or fucking allowed? That is correct. We run like a ‘Jack-off party’ where the focus is the use of hands. For those new to this, the urge to suck a bro off might be hard to resist. However staying the boundaries will heighten the erotic experience more and you will learn new exciting ways to connect.



We host a weekly discussion around bate culture and erotic worship on Twitter Space. Listen to our recap of the previous Bator Bro event here:Listen now (via Twitter)



RECON INTERIVEW (Aug 3rd 2023) We had a deep conversation about Bator Bro and the philosophy behind Batorhood.


Listen now


  • “This was my first time at the party and I was both nervous and excited, but the atmosphere was super chilled and so were the guys there. I’m an edger and I just love giving pleasure and pushing guys to their limits. It was very very sensual being able to do that in an environment where I wasn’t pushed for anything else other than worshipping and edging some great guys.”
  • "After helping getting the party started, I encountered someone I met years ago. We remembered each other, and were obviously there for the same reason. After stroking his greased cock the connection was firmly re-established. We spent a long portion of the event edging each other intimately, after which point we took a breather and played with others. Towards the end of the event we finished what we started and I had the pleasure of edging his beautiful cock until he came all over mine.
  • "I met with several people who connected with me; sensually, generously and passionately - it was incredibly horny and affirming"
  • "I went to the Bator Bro event on Feb 26 - it was my first time going to this kind of group event - I’ve only ever really done dark rooms before. I wasn’t totally sure what to expect but I’m so glad I went along. The vibe was bang-on what it aimed to be - really intense, sexy but also laid back and chilled with no-pressure. Everyone was there to bate and that kept the vibe authentic - there weren’t guys trying to suck your dick. Everyone was friendly, respectful and there were some guys with VERY talented hands! I stayed for 3 hours and enjoyed every minute and ended in a REALLY hot circle jerk with 5 others lads. I will definitely go again!"
  • Made my first visit to the Bator Bro Party at the Bunker Bar last Sunday and I can't think of a better way to have spent the afternoon than being with a large group of like-minded guys all getting off on the same thing. I've been to other jack off clubs before but the vibe at this one was so much better. I was made to feel welcome immediately and any trepidations I had soon evaporated. I went in wearing my shorts (which weren't on for long) with lube tucked into my socks. I needn't have worried... There was plenty of lube on hand and the poppers were being passed around freely... The vibe was definitely about sharing and enjoying the experience. Great music too (at the right volume) and lots of attention paid to the lighting particularly in the worship room with a warm red light above the edging table which looked super hot. So many highlights throughout the afternoon, moving from one group to another, 1 on 1 time in the cubicle and best of all being spread out on the table with one guy edging me, another chewing on my nipples and a crowd of guys looking on and jacking off. The evening was rounded off nicely with drinks at the pub around the corner with some of the bator bros. Definitely be going back for more.

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