A wellness platform for men seeking sensuality and brotherhood.

(Work in progress Aug 2023)

We empower gay/bisexual men to build confidence, sexual mastery and lasting connections.

Currently on a break. Not taking on new applicants. (Updated: 01-Aug-23)
LE FREQ - June TBC @Hackney Wick Tune in to higher frequencies and vibrations. Meet sober, holistic and connected brothers. Explore sound, movement and sensory experiences for energetic healing. Find out more
BATOR BRO - 26th May @Hackney Wick We now host monthly Erotic Edging parties in London. Join Telegram | Join Socials

Who this is for?


The Playfully Sober Afternoons and drug free vibe is our jam. Many clubs and social events are late at nights with addictive substances. We are the far opposite.


Knowledge seekers Always curious to learn more about their mind body, spirit through ancient wisdom.


Friendship seekers Ability to give and receive love, emotional intelligence, art, culture and self improvement. Men seeking reliability and a sense of camaraderie.

What BMC offers

  • A community of friendly and sex-positive brothers to play and connect
  • A place to build confidence and learn about yourself
  • Monthly social events to broaden your horizon

How we do things?

Explore wellness

Work in progress: The mind, body and spirit is one. We will be hosting Erotic parties, Gong baths, Naked Yoga, Qi Gong, Estatic dance for men. Sexual energy is life force and it can be used in creative and healing ways. 🔮 Coming soon: ‘Le Freq’ Saturday sessions


Connect deeper

Today: Meet sex-positive men in group or socials sessions. Contribute on advice on sex, relationships and health. We host a moderated group chats.

🔮 Tomorrow: Multi channel chat around various topics. Community members owning in certain topics.



Today: We love thinking outside the box. With all walks of life joining our community, we are open for all types of collaboration exploring men's sexuality and connecting more authentically.

🔮 Tomorrow: Themed online social events, Book Club, Games Night, Life drawing, Comedy night. Relaxed in person meet-up and parties in various cities.


What makes us great.


"All of that comes together to create a space where guys of all shapes, sizes, ages, colours, body types and cultures can't wait to join in and let go. Its fantastic. From what I can tell so far, no one comes close to it."

Bromancer, 55 Miami, US


"I just want to thank you for the recommended book Velvet rage. I am just few chapters in, but it really helps me a lot already. As a closeted gay it feels really inspiring to read."

Bromancer, 21 Prague, Czech


"Well before your groups, I was very careful with what I exposed and to who. Very rarely cumming in public. I don’t know what came over me there was just something about your groups and you."

Bromancer, 32 London, UK


"Gay friendship has always had an undertone of penis and sexualization. This group strips all of the BS away. We sit, relaxed, and faces, nothing held back."

Bromancer, 35 Los Angeles, US

What we live by.

Why it's important? Today's online and hook-up culture, down right transactional and toxic. Ghosting, trolling and hostile comments are common place. It is a real luxury to be treated with respect and kindness.



Friendly and respectful. Practices kindness and compassion to others.



Don't taking yourself seriously. Willing to take risks.


Down to Earth

Informal and easy to talk to. Open and honest.


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About us.

This community is run by Nick Woof, an creative entrepreneur, based in London. He brings together a diverse selection of people from all  background, tribes and subculture to the common purpose of self-pleasure.

For more info, just reach out.

Instagram - @nickwoof.bmc Email -

Le Freq Bator Bro Party (London)Bator Bro Socials and Venue