BMC Digest - January 2022

Written by Noah Erotica (BMC x Sweden) 6-Feb-2022

Thirsty traps

The year started off with a bang, plenty of the bros shared their sexiest pictures from the year that had passed. Matthew shared his stunning muscular body making us all drool out of lust. Gideon showed off his fat dong and Boccadoro followed Linus sharing a sexy b&w picture. Speaking of Linus didn’t let us down, sharing an amazing video of him letting that cum ooze out of his big dick. Sure this month has been an upswing of hot and sexy pictures shared between our brothers.

Fitness motivation

In between sexy pictures and thirst traps being shared some really good conversations have been shared. All from gym anxiety and tips and tricks to make training more enjoyable for us all, the gym jock as well as the skinniest guy. Working our temples as well as our minds is truly important to stay healthy. Other topics included in person hook-ups, sharing music-tips, discussing best lubricant for long intense bate sessions, discussing, and sharing our heights or even sharing our first memories of bating together.

Intimate hosts

As Nick had left his beloved UK for travel abroad, in lack of rooms, some other guys have stepped in taking on the role to host some good quality rooms. Both @Sellshorts, Z Guy and Billy began hosting some well appreciated rooms. Brothers sharing some hot and intimate sessions erupting with cum showing of for each other.

Nick’s hosted session

Then finally when plenty of January had passed, Nick made an welcome reappearance hosting a well visited BMC intimate morning session. Not one, not two but a three-part room, fired up by plenty of guys among which @Bateguy and @Berlin got the room all fired up. Cumshot after cumshot erupted. And eventually Golden Hour returned as well, much anticipated guys joining in from all over the world to stroke together once again under the lead of our great host Nick.

For the final Golden hour of the month the chat was fuming. Bateguy had been edging the whole day leading up to golden hour. Being almost pushed over the edge by kento last minutes before the Golden hour started. And what a Golden hour (or 40 minutes) room was on fire from start to finish. Cum tribute after cum tribute being released and ending with a good cum train finishing off almost everyone in the room.

BMC Socials

Non bate sessions made a re-appearance as Ant, Linus and a bunch of guys got together chatting up and talking a bunch of crap, but also sharing some plenty good laughs together.

Jockstrap Fridays

The First Jockstrap Friday was fire more brothers than ever shared their sexy strapped up asses for the whole group to see. Later on Jockstrap Friday has evolved adding both faces and socks. Never turn down a handsome face or some fire socks adding to the sexiness.


Ant has been keeping us all to edge sharing his intimate and sexy hook-ups from the local nude beach. Having us all wishing we were visiting Aussie land rather sooner than later. Adding to it he also posted his jock and all-stars trilogy and had the whole chat fuming.

BMC Erotica

As the end of the month started to close in, an erotic story set up started to take place following a conversation about Rem and Noah studying medicine. With Ben, Nick and Marcus plotting up a start for Nick visiting the doctors. Noah suddenly appeared and continued writing the erotic story and got the whole group waiting with anticipation as the story evolved.