BMC Erotica - Going Down Under

Written by Noah Erotica - Feb 06-Feb-2022

The sun kissed Ant’s brown-toned face, the warmth from the sunrays through the window slowly woke him up. Finally, the day had come when BMC were going down under. For years he had felt a bit left out from the rest of his brothers around the world, going to joint events, bonding, and getting naughty together.

But today that would change, for weeks even months, he had been planning, preparing for some of the BMC brothers to arrive to his heaven on earth. The excitement alone turned him on, as he was having his breakie his dick swole hard between his legs and he just couldn’t keep from touching himself. But he needed to stay off it, he knew that the week ahead would bring lots of even more pleasurable moments. So he tried his best to stay off his dick as he was finishing off breakfast. He got ready to head out to the airport to pick up the gang.

He was over himself as he left his house, and when he arrived at the rental place to pick up the van, he had rented for the week, he was up in the clouds. So, as the rental officer asked him all the obligatory questions Ant was already at the airport in his mind so without hesitation, he just said yes to all his questions. He got the key and the officer showed him to the van and he got settled and headed off.

As he was approaching the arrivals sections of the airport, he quickly found a parking space and got out of the car. He had brought a cap similar to the ones private chauffeurs wear, sunnies and a sign all to make the boys feel a bit more special at arrival. As he entered the arrivals terminal he put on his cap, the sunnies and held up his sign waiting with excitement for the doors to open and the guys to come through.

Waiting felt like an eternity. Those few minutes he had to stand there waiting were just too much. Every time the door opened he felt now’s the time. But every time he just got equally disappointed that it was yet another old couple, a bunch of backpackers or some other random tourist coming through the doors.

Then all of a sudden, the doors swung open and out came a familiar face. Nick walks out holding a backpack over his shoulder and a suitcase followed. Right after him followed Ben, Linus and Alonso. A few steps behind were Noah, Guy and Bateguy. The guys saw the sign and walked up to what they thought was their chauffeur. Just as they were about to tell him that they’re BMC, Ant dropped the sign and threw off his sunnies and the cap and shouted “WELCOME GUYS”. The bros all burst out in a surprise laughter and they all began hugging Ant. As the gang settled down, all and all making their own conversations Ant told them all we were waiting for some of the US guys to arrive any minute. Just as he said, out walked Popperpup, Daniel, Eager Otter and daddy B. Once again all started hugging and greeting each other. Ant just couldn’t believe his eyes, they were actually here, the very people he had been chatting and camming with for so very long, now he got to meet them in real life.

“You all must be super tired from the long trip, let’s head over to my place to get settled and we’ll take the day from there” Ant told the group. The group started to walk out to the van Ant had rented. They packed up the luggage and got into the car and Ant started driving back to his place. “So how has the flight been guys? Any sleep or you all been keeping busy with other things” Ant asked with a grin, as the rolled on to the highway. A quite giggle filled the whole van. “Well, you definitely know me Ant, this dick needs what it needs” Bateguy responded. The whole van burst out with laughter. The sexual excitement sure was tense but at the same time so easygoing. “Linus sucked me off in the airplane toilet” Bateguy continued. “I got a hand job from ben right in the aisle where we were seated” Noah said. “Well that’s no news you like to show off in public transport is it” Guy responded. A small laughter followed. “So you seem to have been able to keep yourself entertained then” Ant said “Well now I feel like I’m already behind you guys!” he continued.

As he had said this ,Nick, who were in the passenger seat just next to Ant said “Well we could help you get a bit more caught up to the rest of us”. Ant now had a raging boner in his pant, which he knew Nick could tell from the looks on his face. “I’m driving Nick you know!” Ant responded. At the same time Nick reached over for Ant’s crotch and started feeling his hard dick inside his shorts.

“But I guess If the rest of the van don’t mind me having some fun while driving, I’m down for it”. The guys in the back just cheered Nick and Ant on. Nick continued touching Ant’s hard dick through the fabric of his shorts, and man was he hard! “C’mon the get it out Nick!” Ant said to him. Nick quickly began pulling the zipper open on Ants shorts and pulled them down. Out flung Ants hard dick. Nick started stroking his dick slowly and stimulating Ant’s head between his thumb and index finger. Ant couldn’t believe it, they had barely got out of the airport area and he was already getting a handjob, while driving. Boy this week would be so much fun. In the back of the car he could hear some people cheering Nick on and he also heard some soft moaning going on in the back. “Man I already love this trip” Ant burst out, “How you guys doing in the back?” he continued. “Second row already got their dicks out” Ben said. “Well you’re not better” Eager responded. Meanwhile Nick had reach down with his head for Ant’s dick and started sucking it. “Oh, wow Nick, you want us all off the road do you” Ant said. Man that mouth felt good around his dick. Those soft lips and that warm gentle mouth sucking up and down on his hard dick. Ant had a bit of difficult focusing on the road now with Nick sucking his dick like that. But he managed, he tried to stay in the left lane and going as steady as possible. Nicks warm mouth just kept feeling better and better around his dick.

As the back of Nicks throat hit Ant’s dickhead he felt small burst of excitement throughout his body. Each hit bringing him a closer and closer to orgasming. Ant now moaned loudly for all the guys to hear. The rest of the van had now also joined in, all had their dicks out, either stroking their own dick or the one next to them. Nick now reached for Ant’s balls with his free hand and begun squeezing them. That was more than Ant could handle. That first soft touch to the skin of his balls sent waves of pleasure up through the shaft of his dick and his dick head. At the exact same moment his dickhead hit the back of Nick’s throat and that just sent wave after wave of exctasy. It pushed Ant way above his point of no return. “I’m gonna cum right down your throat Nick!” Ant shouted. Just as he did that first hard spurt of cum hit Nick in the throat. Ant now thrusted his cock down Nick’s mouth. Ant held one hand on the steering wheel and the other took a firm grip over Nick’s head pushing him down as deep as possible. Burst after burst of warm aussie cum now streamed down into Nick’s throat.

Ant just let out a big deep moan as all that built up sperm shot out through his dick. “God I needed that” Ant said, as he let go of Nick’s head allowing him to breathe again. “I could tell” Nick responded, with a grin on his face and his eyes filled with tears from gagging on Ant’s cumming dick. The van was now filled with a scent of dick, all boys stroking each others dicks, kissing and just enjoying this moment.

Ant swerved back into the faster lane of the highway. Trying to overtake some truckers before him. Just as he passed the driver’s side, he realized he was driving a van full of stroking bros. As he did, he decided to slow down a bit, “accidentally” hitting the horn and stayed there beside the trucker. He couldn’t fully see the reaction of the trucker but from the looks of the guys on the left side of the car he guessed the trucker was enjoying the show. “Fuck Ant, you such a perv showing us all off for that trucker!” Linus said. “Hell yeah Ant put on a freaking show” Alonso continued. Ant took the challenge and kept on overtaking as many truckers as possible. With each he would slow down for a while, see the boys’ reactions and then he continued to the next. The van was in a bate bliss, everyone enjoying their dick so much.

By now some of the guys where full out moaning in the back, stroking their dicks. Noah, Popperpup and Daniel in the far back where the first ones to announce the start of a cumtrain. Daniel had been getting a handjob from Popperpup who was also stroking himself. Noah enjoyed his all of his own dick.

The soft strokes from Popperpup’s hand had finally become too much for Daniel, with heavier breath he moaned out he was going to cum. Thick spurts shot up onto his stomach and chest. Popperpup soon followed him, shooting his big load right onto the back of the seat in front of him. As Popperpup came so did Noah right next to him. Seeing both Daniel and Popperpup next to him emptying their balls was too much, he cummed all over his face and chest.

The smell of fresh cum now started to fill the van. Guy soon followed the last rows lead, smelling his bros cum and watching them erupt, pushed him on and he started cumming right onto Alonso next to him.

Linus now had been putting up a show for plenty of truckdrivers and he was so edged up. So as Ant drove up to the next trucker, he just couldn’t hold it anymore. As he saw the face of that trucker, he started oozing rope after rope unto his chest. Bateguy next to him, took some of Linus cum into his hands and smeared it all over his dick as he was stroking.

Ben who was sat next to Alonso and Guy couldn’t hold back any longer, big ropes of cum spurt out his dick as he moaned out loudly of contentment. This pushed Alonso in the middle right too it. His manjuice shot out through his dick and onto his chest and his seat.

Nick and daddy B in the front row had been stroking each other’s dicks this whole time. Now like synchronized swimmers they both erupted their daddy dicks all over each other, moaning deeply and loudly as they did.

Eager and Bateguy was now the last two men standing. Stroking their big hard dicks, and Bateguy’s dong all covered with Linus’ cum they both now started to reach their climax. Eager was first to let his cum fly out of his big dick, hitting his chest with big splashes. Once again Bateguy reached over for some cum and used it as lube on his dick. This was what he finally needed, feeling both Linus’ and Eager’s cum all over his dick pushed him over the edge. With a big grunt he let his cum out of his dick and covering his stomach and chest.

“That was a literal cum train” Alonso laughed out. “Man I thought you all would be super tired from those long flights, but hey look at us” Ant said. At the same time he started indicating to take the next exit of the highway. “Well just in time for us to soon get over to my place” he added.

Ant drove into a suburb area with all these great looking villas and then he came to a stop just outside one of the better looking in the area. “Well I guess, Welcome home to my place” He told the guys. “I guess we won’t have a boring minute the coming week ahead” he continued.

The guys all covered in cum got out of the van and got the luggage out. “I think we might have to get ourselves cleaned up” Daniel said. The guys continued unloading the van and carry the luggage inside. Nick whispered something into Ant’s ear as they did. “You guys continue carrying your stuff inside I just gotta go get a few things” Ant said, running of inside the house. Nick just had this awful grin on his face as he did. Just as the last bag was inside the house and all the guys had gathered on the veranda of Ant’s house, Ant’s smug face appeared just around the corner of the house. “Someone asked to get themselves cleaned up?” He shouted and at the same time pulling the garden hose out showering all of the guys with water. A big waterfight broke out all trying to find something to throw water with. Within minutes everyone was soaked, laughing around playing like they were five again. “God it’s so good you guys finally could come visit me” Ant shouted and at the same time getting poured over a bucket of water.

So goes the beginning of a wild adventure down under with some of the boys of BMC. Stay tuned for upcoming parts discovering the all to well-known naked beaches and other adventures that might be going on.