BMC Erotica - Uranus checkup service

Written by Noah Erotica 04-Feb-2022

Receptionist: Dr Lovelength is fully booked for the Uranus checkup service. We can offer you Dr Girthgape instead. Nick, the new patient, reluctant says that he will take Dr Girthgape as his new doctor... Ben, the receptionist, can't take off his eyes of the new patient bulge, and discretely giggles. In the waiting room, Nick is surprised when Dr. Girthgape emerge from his room and call Nick.

Dr. Girthgape is tall, got some grey hairy, green eyes, have an attractive body and a bubble butt that immediately draw Nick's attention, that can't contain a small erection under his tight jeans... Nick walks very uncomfortable to the Dr's room.. while Ben, is already touching himself under his desk...

As Nick and Dr. Girthgape reach the doctors office, Nick barely can’t contain his hard dick in his pants any longer. The doctor tells nick to sit down and starts asking his questions. For awhile Nick’s raging hardon settles a bit.

Until the doctor says it’s time to start the examination. He ask Nick to get undressed and to sit down on the bench. As Nick begins to undress he realise that he’s wearing one of his black leather jocks on today (not thinking twice that he had his doctors appointment today). “Fuck it” Nick thinks and decides to own this moment, “nothing the doctor hasn’t seen before is it”. As he removes his tight jeans and his tight bubble butt protrudes above his jeans he can sense that the doctor is staring at him.

“I can see you dressed up for your appointment today Nick” he can now hear Dr. Girthgape say behind his back. “I would need you to remove the jockstrap as well, then we’re ready to start the examination” the doctor continues. Nick pulls down his jockstrap, feeling a bit more confident hearing the doctors comments.

As he turns around his dick is now a bit more than a semi hard-on. Nick realises this just as he turns around and he can see in the doctors eyes that he’s rather impressed by his size. “He should see me fully erect then” Nick manages to think before walking over to the bench. It’s the kind of chair used at the gynaecologist.

Dr. Girthgape ask Nick to put his legs up and tuck his ass close to the end of the chair. Nick’s dick is now more or less standing up fully as the doctor begins to examin his penis and scrotum.

The feeling of Dr. Girthgape’s big hands all over his dick and balls makes his dick pulsate and grow fully erect. As this happens he can see the doctor grin. “Oh don’t worry Nick, this happens to a lot of my patients” Dr. Girthgape says as he continues to examine Nicks now hard dick. He starts to retract his foreskin and Nicks swollen glans is no fully exposed. And as Dr. Girthgape is doing this he manages to touch añicos glans which sends shivers all throughout Nicks body. Dr Girthgape continues to just grin as Nick shakes from excitement. “Does this feels alright to you Nick?” Dr Girthgape asks. “Yeeeaa Doctor that feels really good, I don’t mind you continuing that” Nick responds. The doctor pulls Nick’s foreskin back up and now takes a firm grip around his scrotum with his other hand. “My god Doctor!” Nick screeches.

Outside in the reception Ben now just heard Nicks screech and his dick grows even harder. He puts up the “be right back”-sign” on the reception desk and walks out towards Dr Girthgape a office. The door to his office is slightly open as he gets closer to it. Ben still has his hard dick out of his pants and as he slowly reaches to the small opening of the door he slowly begins stroking his dick. He has now reach the door and can see into Dr. Girthgape’s office. As he sees Nick on his back and Dr Girthgape slowly stroking his dick, Ben is in exctasy.

Back inside Nick is trying all his best not to scream of pleasure for all of the clinic to hear. Instead he kinda moans this deep and muffled sound. Dr Girthgape take this as a compliment to his examination methods and continues. He slowly takes his hands of Nicks balls and now reach for his hole. “I think you’re ready for the rectal exam now” Dr Girthgape says. Nick just lets out an oumppfy sound letting know that the doctor can continue doing whatever he needs to. Dr Girthgape reaches for the bottle of lubricant and puts a good amount on both his fingers and on Nicks tight hole. Then he reaches back up to continue examine Nicks hard dick with his free hand. The doctor now slowly pushes his finger inside Nicks hole. “Ahhhhhhh” Nick now screams out loudly as the doctors finger enters into him. As Dr. Girtgape now pushes his finger inside of Nick and reaches for his prostate, he continues to stroke Nicks now raging hard dick slowly. Nick is now leaking so much precum all over his dick and balls. At that second Dr Girthgape reaches Nick's prostate, this sends Nick flying away on the clouds. He kinda experience this out of body experience. His whole body begins to shiver as the doctor touches his prostate, his dick gets harder than ever before and his mind, wow he has never felt this good in his entire life.

Meanwhile Ben is still outside watching the perverted doctor examine this hot stud. Seeing him push his finger inside of Nicks qvivering hole sending him away to that maximum pleasure, makes Ben's dick so good damn hard. His dick leeks precum all over the floor and he can barely contain his excitment where he is.

The feeling Nick is experiencing right now is out of this world, he just wants it to continue this for as long as possible. Nick begins to move his hips in the chair to try to maximise his pleasure. Each and every hit of the doctors finger to his prostate makes his whole body shake. Each stroke the doctor take on his dick brings him so close to the edge of this experience. And just as Nick feels that this will push him over the edge Dr Girthgrape pulls his finger out and lets go of Nick's leaky rock hard dick.

Nick really dosen't understand, did he do something wrong? Was he being a bit too pushy. " Why'd you let me go doctor?" Nick asks in complete confusion. "I think we need to perform some extended examination forms to you Nick" Dr girthgape responds. "Ben, would you mind coming in here to give me a hand" Dr Girthgape shouts into the hallway.

Outside Ben is in his own world enjoying the show that the Doctor and Nick has put up inside the office. His dick feels sooo good and he's on the verge of cumming right there. Just as that happens, Dr. Girthgape opens the door right in front of him. "Oh there you are Ben, I just asked for you to help me out inside of here. I see you're ready with the equipment to" The doctor says giggly as he can tell that Ben, the naughty receptionist, has been out there the whole time watching and stroking his hard dick.

Both the Doctor and Ben step inside the office. Ben has just managed to tuck his hard dick inside his pants. Nick still left in confusion on the gyneacologist chair is still hard as a rock but he also has begun feeling a bit selfconsious, trying a bit to hide his raging hardon and wet sloppy asshole. The doctor ask Ben to get naked, and as the hot receptionist slowly undresses, Nick begins to realise where this might be going. He starts to feel a bit confident again, letting his hard dick rage on for the two men to see.

As Ben is getting undressed, so is Dr. Girthgape. Dr Girthgape tells Ben to get behind Nick while he himself climbs up onto the bench/chair himself straddling Nick. As Ben reaches over to Nicks asshole he just can't hold himself back anylonger. He reaches for some more lubricant and starts pressing his hard wet dick into Nicks hole. Meanwhile the doctor begins kissing Nick and feeling his hot hairy chest.

"God that finger feels big" Nick says. Dr girthgape stopps kissing Nick "I said we are doing an extended examination right?" he responded. "Well that's not a finger". As Bens hard dick continued to press into Nicks tight asshole.

"God that feels good" Nick says as he has now realised what's inside of him. Bens hard leaky dick pushes deeper inside of him with every stroke and it just feels more amazing with every push. At the same time the doctor begins biting and sucking on Nicks nipples. Once again this sends shivers down Nicks spine and he tells the doctor "this is amazing". Dr Girthgape continues to suck on his sensitive nipples. And he begins to move his ass down towards Nicks pulsating dick. As the doctor reaches his dick he begins straddling Nicks hard wet dick. No lubricant, no nothing. But Nicks dick slide right in there. Nick is now gasping for air, he can't believe this is happening. He's having a threesome at the doctors office.

Being both fucked and he gets to fuck as well. Ben's hard dick keeps thrusting in and out of Nicks tight asshole and at the same time Dr Girthgape begins riding nicks hard dick like he's never been ridden before. Ben is picking up his pace even more and is moaning like they where the only men left in the world. Nick can feel his prostate being massaged with every little stroke Ben is taking, and it makes him feel so good. At the same time Dr Girthgape's hole is taking his dick like it hasn't done anything else in its life. He now begins to feel that exctasy he felt before as Dr Girthgape was pleasuring him. Only now its like ten times better. Ben is fucking Nicks tight asshole and with every stroke he can now feel the orgasm getting closer and closer.

Dr Girthgape continues to ride Nick like a god damn cowboy. And just like that Nick feels it - A feeling so familiar but a million times more intense this time. It starts in his groin, moves out bit by bit into his body, until it completely and fully takes over his motions and feelings. That's when he knows he's gonna cum. "Im gonna cuuuuuum" He manages to screech out. The doctor continues to ride his dick and Nick erupts spurt by spurt by spurt into the doctors wide ass. At the same time Ben has been feeling a similar expereince and he can't hold it back any longer, so as Nick screeams he's about to bust. Ben Has to do the same, his dick now shivering of pleasure he begins to erupt his cum inside Nicks tight asshole. Dr Girthgape still riding Nicks cumdrained dick now erupts all of a sudden all over Nicks furry chest and bearded face, eventually falling over right onto Nicks chest.

So there Nick was lying on a gyneacologist chair on the doctors clinic having had one of his best experiences in life so far. Who would have thought that going to the doctors office could be this fun?

As Dr Girthgape now begun climbing of the chair and bended over to pick up the clothes lying all over the floor he could see that gaping cummfilled hole, that's when he started to think to himself " Girthgape is a very odd lastname, i wonder were that came from"